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Saturday, 18 August 2018

PRIMECASH : signup and get 30RS INSTANTLY FREE + 7 level income plan LOOT {FULL DETAILS}

JOIN PRIMECASH APP & get bonus 30 rs + 7 level income .

PRIMECASH : signup and get 30RS INSTANTLY FREE + 7 level income plan LOOT, FULL DETAILS

 Prime Cash App is a free money making app was going to launched as on 15th August 2018 but unfortunately its has been launched as on 18th August 2018 & its developed by “Digirace Solutions Limited”. Primecash is multi service application by which everyone can make money simply by finishing the task, survey and a lot more. Primecash has come with an extra ordinary money making income plan in which users can earn easily INR 10,000 to 30,000/- every month without investment.

  • Prime Cash is an multi platform support application through which anyone can earn by simply completing task, survey and many more...
  • It's a affiliate business with unlimited earnings...

How to Register on PRIMECASH APP :

1. First of All Download PRIMECASH App From Given Link Here. :


2. Install and Open the app & fill YOUR Details and Click on “Signup” button.
3. PUT REFER CODE moha4503
(Referral code is compulsory to get Rs 30 signup bonus)

4. Now Verify your mobile number using OTP

5. Now complete the task to UNLOCK YOUR DASHBORD.


6. REFER your friends & earn more income.

Important Note:- Before task completion you can share your referral code and make your team from Menu >> Refer and Earn section. But you have to complete your tasks afterwords.

PrimeCash App Refer and Earn Program:

  • Just Refer Prime Cash to your friends and ask them to complete task displayed on dashboard which differs on different platform of OS.
  • Because Network marketing has been cited as the number one unwritten rule of success in business.

How To Get My Referral Code in PrimeCash App:

1) Open the Primecash app. 2) Goto >> Menu >> Refer and Earn section.
3) Here at bottom you can see your prime cash referral code, Share your referral code with everyone and make big network of users to earn more and more.

How To Refer a Friend To PrimeCash App?

1) Goto >> Refer and Earn from menu.
2) Share your primecash app referral code with friends.
3) Ask them to enter your referral code while get registered on prime cash app.
4) You both will get benefited from prime cash app after successful referral.


The income plan of prime cash app is very simple but effective. You must register today and work for 1-2 month from your home only to make a big team under your prime cash app referral code and earn at least 30-40 thousand rupees every month without doing any work.
Yes, you might think that is it a joke! But seriously, Now a days the rule of network marketing has bring a very good growth within a short period of time. See below we have added all primecash app income plans official images.


Income Plan !

 i) Self Earningii)Team Self Earning Income.
iii) Achievement Income.
iv) Non Working/Fixed Income.

Self Earning Plans !!

i) SME :- Social media e....!
ii) Task
iii) offerwall
iv) videowall
v) survey


Level.       Income(in $)

Bronze            $2$
Silver              $5$
Gold               $10$
Platinum        $50$
Diamond       $250$

Company Total Income Distrubute Plan !!

Level.        Income(in%)

Bronze                10%
Silver                   20%
Gold                    30%
Platinum            40%
Diamond            50%

๐Ÿ”ทTeam self Earning Income !๐Ÿ’ 

Level.         Income(in%)
1.                      25%
2.                      10%
3.                      5%
4.                      3%
5.                      3%
6.                      2%
7.                      2%

Three Types Of Achievement Income for Achievers .๐Ÿ’ช

i) Company Total Income % Distribute.๐Ÿ…

ii) Fixed Achievement Income.

iii) (Only for Indians):-

๐ŸŽฉTour Package .....

A. ๐Ÿฅ‡Gold Achievers :- Small Tours.

B. ๐ŸฝPlatinum Achievers :- Holiday + Movie Tickets.

C. ๐Ÿ’ŽDiamond Achievers :- Holiday + Movie + International Tours.

Join hoke jaldi se team banalo ok๐Ÿƒ‍♂


1) First of all, Goto >> Menu >> Cash out section.
2) Choose your method of payment either paytm or bank account.
3) Fill your details of payment and submit.
4) You will get your money within 30 working days.

What is The Minimum Payout Limit on PrimeCash App:

Minimum payout for all users is 20 $

1st withdraw: 20 $
2nd withdraw: 50 $
3rd Onwards withdraw: 100 $

  1. If you are withdrawal first 50$ , then next available withdrawal for you is 100 $
  2. If you are ONCE withdrawal of 100 $ then your next minimum withdrawal amount for every time will be of 100 $
  3. Payments are basis of NET 30 days.
E.g:  January payment payable on first week of March


Currently withdrawal money in PayTM and BANK.


Currently withdrawal money in PayPal and VOUCHERS.


CIN NO: U72200GJ2018PLC103130

ISO 9001:2015
For Quality Management of company
Certified No.:  18IQBJ94

ISO 27001:2013
For information Security Management of User Data
Certified No.: ISO/ISMS/1532

Prime Cash Telephone Number: 079-4848 2020
Email Address:
Office Address: A-1207, Shiddhi Vinayak Business Tower, B/H, DCP Office, Nr. SG Highway, Makaraba, Ahmedabad-380051.

promotional material:

select and copy:

share with your friends.

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