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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Brave Browser Refer & Earn Loot - Get 4$ on Sign Up & 5$ Per Refer

Brave Browser Refer & Earn Loot - Get 4$ on Sign Up & 5$ Per Refer

Brave Browser Refer & Earn:- Earlier we have looted Facebook Research Program. Today Brave Rewards has come up to give you another chance to make excellent money. As they have come up with "Brave Refer & Earn Offer" where you can get Rs.280 ( 4$)  on Sign Up and you can get Rs.350 (5$ ) Per Refer. Just follow the steps and keep the Brave Browser for 30 days in your phone to surf over the web.
Interesting to see that it's giving a secure way to grab the referral amounts through your referrals without compromising your personal data unlike in Facebook Research App. You just have to use Brave Browser for 30 days. Only thing is that to whom you referring they need to keep the Brave Browser installed into their device for 30 Days & during this period they have to open the Brave Browser for few seconds to acknowledge their presence of activity.
This offer is given by Brave browser which is a very popular and trusted app.
Note : you will get all this money in cryptocoins and you can also convert it into bitcoin. You should definitely avail this offer as this will not take much of your time and you can earn lots of money.
Brave is built on Chromium (same as Chrome), has in built ad blocker, https everywhere, and it also has built-in BAT (Basic Attention Token) which is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency. The idea is that instead of you watching ads because you are forced to do so, you can choose to view the ads or YouTube channels YOU want. The ad agencies will pay you in BAT because they know this is an interested customer (so each click has a high chance of a sale) And you can pay the creators of those YouTube or Twitch or any other content channels through BAT
Let's see how you can enroll yourself for this Brave Browser Refer & Earn Programs. Just follow the simple steps and keep these things in your mind before doing anything. As steps may be simple for few people still they mess up with the process.

How to install Brave Browser Refer & Earn - Get 4$ on Sign Up & 5$ Per Refer:

  1. First of all Visit this Link:- Register on Brave.
  2. Now there you'll see "Download the Brave Browser".
  3. Download the Brave Browser in your Smartphones & in your PC/Laptop.
  4. Now again open your downloaded Brave Browser.
  5. Now Click on the Red TriangleOption.
  6. Click on Create Wallet.
  7. Now Click on the Settings △ triangle option and off the "Auto-Contribute" Option.
  8. Done. First Process has been completed...!

Register on Brave Browser and get Rs.280 (4$) :

  1. Open brave browser and open this link :
  2. Click on become a creator. 
  3. Now click on signup now.
  4. Enter your email and click on create account.
  5. Open your email and open the mail received by Brave.
  6. Click on verify email.
  7. Enter your name and click on sign up.
  8. Set up 2 factor authentication or you can skip also.
  9. Now scroll down and Now you can add your Website or Youtube Channel.
  10. click on Add a channel. Click on YouTube channel (First create a YouTube channel of don’t already have)
  11. Enter your Gmail To add your YouTube account.

How To Refer & Earn on Brave Browser?

  • It's Important to Add your Youtube Channel in Brave Creator Dashboard.
  • As soon as you'll add your Channel you'll get your "Referral Link".

  1. Now go back and click on get started on refer your fans banner.
  2. Just Click on activate promo button.
  3. Now copy your link & Share your Referral link With your Friends and ask them to download Brave browser through your Referral link.
  4. After this, ask them to follow the Above steps to verify their channels and to get their referral links.
  5. Now open brave browser and click on triangle sign on top right corner.
  6. Now you will see your earnings.

How to withdraw:

1. It gives rewards as BAT and that can be withdraw in Uphold wallet. From Uphold you can get Bitcoin and total 9 cryptocurrencies including BTC, XRP, Ethereum etc to any wallet.
2. Sold bitcoin to any user and get real cash from them or use Bitbns to sold BTC.

1. You will Get Ur referral bonus when your friend open brave browser for 30 days.
2. You need to go to the same link received earlier to create an account on uphold and connect to brave to receive your earnings from brave rewards to cryptocurrency in uphold.


This is a great way to earn some handsome amount of cryptocoins for free and ( if you have some knowledge in cryptocoins, you can also gets some profits with it.) So loot this offer as they are giving huge amount for signup and refer. Make sure they keep & USE their Brave Browser in their Android/ iOS Smartphones for 30 days.

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